Marion von Osten: Once We Were Artists (A BAK Critical Reader in Artists’ Practice)

    Eds. Tom Holert, Maria Hlavajova

    Once We Were Artists
    Maria Hlavajova and Tom Holert in Conversation with Marion von Osten

    Kader Attia and Marion von Osten

    Friends in Context
    Sabeth Buchmann and Judith Hopf

    The Best of Three Worlds
    Diedrich Diederichsen

    In the Company of Others: Marion von Osten’s Building Practice
    Tom Holert

    The Horses
    Brian Kuan Wood

    Becoming Common: Precarization as Political Constituting (A Revision)
    Isabell Lorey

    Notes on Cultural Production: Marion von Osten, Art, and the Birmingham Contemporary Cultural Studies Tradition
    Angela McRobbie

    Our Relation to All These Places Is Operative: Practices Beyond Curating
    Peter Spillmann

    Beneath the Atelier, the Desert: Critique, Institutional and Infrastructural
    Marina Vishmidt

    The Transversal Imperative
    Tirdad Zolghadr