Global Art Challenges 2016

    lezing van Maria Hlavajova als onderdeel van een panel rond “Art-as-Intervention-in-Reality: “Ecology of Knowledges” and Institutional Practices”

    MACBA, Barcelona (ES)

    In het kader van de internationale conferentie Challenges of Global Art: Towards an “Ecology of Knowledges” op 28 en 29 april 2016 draagt artistiek directeur Maria Hlavajova van BAK een lezing bij aan het panel "Art-as-Intervention-in-Reality: “Ecology of Knowledges” and Institutional Practices." Ze behandelt in haar presentatie de vraag How to be Together Otherwise, of hoe we op een andere manier kunnen samenzijn.

    "This panel aims to think about—and through—artistic practice in the present moment, understood by Zygmunt Bauman as the “condition in which rulers no longer can rule and the ruled no longer wish to be ruled”. Within this context, it becomes paramount to reconsider and rearticulate foundational Western epistemological categories such as progress, criticism, nature-culture relations, and the very notions of the nation-state, the museum, and the institution of art. For these reasons, the panel suggests a discussion of case studies that propose new avenues for redirecting institutional artistic activities towards practical applications of an “ecology of knowledges” on an experimental and discursive terrain. Considering that an “ecology of knowledges” conceives of knowledge as intervention-in-reality, what role can the plural integration of artistic practices as knowledge producers, as well as their corresponding political agencies, play in the reconfiguration of the institution of art today?"