Falke Pisano and Camila Sposati, Coimplication (thinking with the other is the only way that we can see anything), 2017, wood, digital print on fabric

Falke Pisano and Camila Sposati, Conjecture, 2017, digital print on silk, wood, stainless steel, and iron

Falke Pisano and Camila Sposati, Discourse Dialogue, 2017, vinyl on wall

Falke Pisano and Camila Sposati, Five Leaves (sabotage, nucleation, dilution, avalanche and betrayal), 2017, paper, wood, metal, plastic, ink, pencil

Falke Pisano and Camila Sposati, Reading Rugendas’ Lundu (how and what for), 2017, video, 13 min.

The conversational research project LUNDU takes the Brazilian dance and music of lundu to think through questions of the body, space and context, colonialism, and the ways we relate to and deal with the complexities of historical and contemporary relations. The works presented in the exhibition depart from two illustrations of lundu from 1835, and have been developed through conversations with dancers, musicians, and theorists. Reflecting on how the relation between subject and object determines our thought, the works propose to think and unfix these positions through the lens of coimplication.

  • Part of To Seminar exhibition conceptualized by Henk Slager
  • Part of Future Vocabularies long-term research and propositional trajectory rethinking art’s conceptual lexicon