Panel discussion

The Commons as the Survival of the “Public”

Session 1, panel discussion and conversation

Het Utrechts Archief, Utrecht (NL)


Session I

The Commons as the Survival of the “Public”
Friday, 16 May 2014, 14.00–19.00 hrs

14.00–14.15 hrs: Welcome and Introduction
14.15–16.45 hrs: Panel with Andrea Phillips, Mark Fisher, and Massimiliano Mollona, moderated by Simon Sheikh
17.15–18.00 hrs: Conversation between Poka-Yio, Maria Hlavajova, and Simon Sheikh
18.00–19.00 hrs: Response by Jonas Staal and discussion

  • Part of Other Survivalisms FORMER WEST public editorial meeting
  • Part of FORMER WEST transnational research, education, publishing, and exhibition project