Published on the occasion of the exhibition Surplus Value (06.09.–09.11.09), this publication is the first monograph on the works of Mona Vatamanu and Florin Tudor. The book offers the most comprehensive overview of Vatamanu and Tudor’s artistic production to date, including extensive images of their work since 2000 covering a range of media including film, photography, painting, performance, and site-specific projects.

The images are put into dialogue with four major newly commissioned texts by Cosmin Costinas (curator and writer, Hong Kong), Vivian Rehberg (art historian and art critic, Paris), David Riff (art critic and artist, Moscow), and Georg Schoellhammer (curator and editor-in-chief of Springerin, Vienna). Each of these authors critically analyze and consider Vatamanu and Tudor’s work from diverse perspectives, all of which are grounded in certain modes of thinking about history and its relationship to contemporary art today. In addition, Bucharest-based independent curator and writer Mihnea Mircan’s in-depth interview with the artists sheds light on the genesis of the new projects developed especially for the Surplus Value exhibition at BAK. They also discuss Vatamanu and Tudor’s use of the city of Bucharest as raw material for many of their pieces, their views on the fledgling democratic sphere in Romania, and the problematic of value in the current state of globalized neoliberal capitalism.

  • Part of Surplus Value exhibition by Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor
  • Part of FORMER WEST transnational research, education, publishing, and exhibition project