Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things

exhibition curated by Kathrin Rhomberg

BAK, Utrecht (NL)

Christoph Schlingensief (1960–2010) was one of the most seminal if controversial theater, film, and contemporary art figures of his generation. The exhibition Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things, on view at BAK from 5 February till 29 April 2012, attests to his striving towards Lebenskunstwerk—a work of life-art. Ever confronting the uncomfortable, he collapsed the systems of art and politics into an experimental immediacy, calling on the viewer to assume responsibility for the state of the world and to think it otherwise.

Curated by Kathrin Rhomberg, this is a research exhibition within the framework of the FORMER WEST project (2008–2016).

  • Part of FORMER WEST transnational research, education, publishing, and exhibition project