Concerning War: A Critical Reader presents new and anthologized texts by artists and writers who analyze the possibilities for critical artistic responses to the contemporary world as a site of global war.

With contributions by Ross Birrell (artist and writer, Glasgow); Boris Buden (writer, cultural critic, and translator, Berlin); Jordan Crandall (media artist and theorist, San Diego and Los Angeles); Bregje van Eekelen (cultural theorist, Amsterdam); Boris Groys (art historian and philosopher, New York); Viktor Misiano (art critic and curator, Moscow and Ceglie Messapica); Irit Rogoff (theorist and curator, London); Martha Rosler (artist and writer, New York); Sean Snyder (artist, Kiev and Tokyo); and Hito Steyerl (artist and writer, Berlin)

  • Part of Concerning War A multi-faceted project on the issue of how war is reflected upon in contemporary artistic practice.